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Trekking In The Magical Parvati Valley In Kheerganga

We should talk about the most popular end of the week trek of Himachal. Assuming you live in north India, odds are you have previously been to Kheerganga. Also, if not, you have at least heard the name or seen photos of your companions on the trek. The Parvati Valley is one of the most pleasant spots in the Himalayan locale of Himachal Pradesh. Places like Kasol, Tosh, and Malana continue to pop in discussion when somebody needs to head out to Himachal. In any case, to investigate the heavenly scene of the valley, you ought to go for the Kheerganga Trek. The excursion to Kheerganga expects you to navigate the shocking territories, pass through curious towns and lastingly have the snow-covered mountains as the scenery. While the wonderful cascades are the feature of the trek, the mysterious natural aquifers of Kheerganga merit investigating as well. A plunge in the natural aquifer is said to remove all the sluggishness of the psyche and body.

There are numerous fanciful stories joined with this spot. Kartikeya, child of Shivji and Parvati, picked Kheerganga for his reflection and petitions. Whenever his folks chose to visit him, Parvati needed to cook for her child. On account of the presence of heated water springs in the district, legends have it that Parvati would cook rice pudding (Kheer) in this water itself. Subsequently, the greyish variety and the milkfish appearance of the stream is a result of this. The other one expresses that in Satyug, Kheer showed up all of a sudden when Shivji and Parvati Ji visited this spot. In any case, Parvati Ji requested that Purushotam convert the Kheer into the water, knowing that individuals of Kalyug (otherwise known as us!) would battle about it.

  Step By Step Instructions To Reach

The beginning stage for the trek to Kheerganga is Barshaini, which is around 22 km from Kasol. Numerous nearby vehicles and private taxis are accessible from Kasol to arrive at Barshaini.

Via Air: The closest air terminal to Kasol is the Kullu Manali Airport in Bhuntar. The trips to Bhuntar are restricted, and aside from the recurrence, weather conditions additionally assumes a significant part and ordinarily the flights are dropped or rescheduled. Here, cabs and transports are accessible for your forward venture. The following nearest air terminal is Chandigarh, a good way off of around 300 km.

Via Train: The closest railroad station is Joginder Nagar rail line station. You can recruit a taxi from here and you can arrive at Kasol in less than 4 hours.  

By Road: Overnight transports from Delhi and Chandigarh are promptly accessible. Complete driving time from Delhi to Kasol is around 12 hours, covering roughly 565 Kms. You can likewise employ a taxi for an agreeable excursion.

Best Time to Visit

The best opportunity to visit Kheerganga is from April to November when the environment stays superb. In any case, you ought to stay away from the storm a long time as the path can turn out to be truly dangerous during that time and it is difficult to trek.

Trekking Route:Kheer Ganga is around 9-10 kilometres from Barshaini and there are three unique courses you can take:

Nakthan Route: This one is supposed to be the simplest and most famous course among the trekkers. It is likewise the fastest and you can arrive at Kheerganga in around 4 hours with a normal speed. When you arrive at the Barshaini Bridge, you’ll take a left and begin your direction up to the Nakthan Village, driving you from the left half of the Parvati River. Since this is the most famous course, it is all around stamped and furthermore has a huge load of travellers ascending the slope.

  Kalga Route: This course is the most beautiful one out of the three. From the extension, take an option to climb up and arrive at Kalga town. From Kalga there is an alternate trek course to go to Kheerganga, despite the fact that it joins the primary course mostly on the trek. This course passes through thick backwoods and it is very feasible for individuals to lose themselves on this trekking way to Kheerganga kasol so taking a guide along is prudent.

Tosh Route: Another way goes from the famous Tosh Village which joins the first course close to Nakthan Village. This course is for the most part picked by individuals who are remaining in Tosh for the evening and need to go for trekking toward the beginning of the day. You will get to observe the Tosh waterway here that at last meets the Parvati River close to Pulga.

Albeit the Nakthan course may be the best option for numerous trekkers, I say you go through Kalga. The course is a piece extended however you will partake in the excursion as much as the objective. The thick woods will also help in giving shade throughout the late spring months when the sun is sparkling brilliantly over your head. While slipping you can pick either Nakthan or Tosh course.

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