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Desert safari Dubai |Types, activities,how to book and more

Desert Safari Dubai

Dubai is Famous Tourist Place

Dubai is one of the famous and attractive tourist places. This place needs no introduction as thousands of tourists visit this place every year. It is known for many things and most importantly it is known for its architectural buildings, exotic views, and lively nightlife. The luxury lifestyle attracts the tourists from all over the world.

Moreover its luxury hotels, grand shopping malls, museums and zoos catches the eye of the tourists and these places itself arrive in the top list of the travellers. Get ready to witness the beauty of this place with your own eyes and plan your next vacation to Dubai. The comfortable life is always luxury or here we can say that visiting to Dubai always adds comfort to the life of the traveller.

If travelling is your passion and you love to explore new destinations then Desert Safari in Dubai is the destination you are looking for. It is an ideal vacation place that will fill your life with both thrill and excitement. This place is best for adventurous people. This journey will prove as a treasure which will recharge you throughout your life-time.

Its architectural buildings, beaches and a stretchable golden land will lock your eyes and you cannot stop yourself from mesmerizing the place. We all know that Dubai is known for Burj Khalifa and many more spectacular attraction points that make sure to make your journey memorable and unforgettable.

Burj Khalifa is a milestone building which becomes the priority if the traveller is visiting to this place. The amazing bird-eye views from 124th Floor are a lifetime experience which covers one side and the turquoise blue ocean on the other.

We are sure that your one time Safari Desert Dubai journey will not only open your heart but it also broadens your mind. Dubai is the place which will fill your life with new energy and you will get the bundles of never ending stories which you can share with your friends and can pamper yourself every time you share the story. In order to experience the luxuries of the life and when you need to be pampered plan your journey to Dubai and believe us you don’t need any other person to mollycoddle you.

Let me be surrounded by the Luxury Lifestyle,

I can exist without the necessities….

Be different this time at the time of the prayers and ask for something different from God. Ask him to plan something luxurious for you and definitely he will plan your journey to Dubai. Give it a try and if he listens then well and good and if doesn’t listens then start working hard and work until you can plan your trip to Dubai.

Desert Safari Dubai welcomes its visitors. If you are a tourist and want to bring some adventure in your life then in your Dubai visit make sure that you opt for bashing sand dunes, riding camels and don’t forget to include a belly dance in your list. It is better that you create the list of visiting places in Dubai as it will help you to keep the record of the places you visit and you are also not going to miss any place in your Dubai Trip.

Enjoying a barbeque dinner at the Camp site will help you to make an unforgettable memory and we are sure that none of the visitor will forget this experience in their life.

It’s a time to create memories and we don’t want you to leave any destination place in Dubai so to make sure that you visit each and every place in Dubai we have followed all the possible steps.

Just for your information we are here with some interesting information for you. Just roll your eyes over it and we are sure that this list will bring an advantage to you and you are going to drag benefits from it.

Desert Safari Activities are as follows-

  • You should go on a Jeep Safari but please take a driver with you. You will be ableto enjoy the Dubai tour and it will help you to explore new place around you.
  • Enjoy Camel Safari and experience the new places of Dubai. Follow the instructions from the instructor and relish the camel ride.
  • You can take the Horse ride also at some places. WE are sure that you are going to enjoy this ride but make sure that you listen to the instructions of the horse owner before taking the ride.
  • If you are visiting Dubai then make sure you make your heart strong. You should definitely try Dune Bashing in Dubai. If you love thrill in your life and want to face your fear then this activity will work like icing on the top.
  • See the Dubai from the sky and do your bookings for a Hot Air balloon. Dubai is a beautiful place and if you witness the sights of Dubai from Top then it will add a new experience to your Dubai visit.
  • Board a Landcruiser with a specialized safari guide and he will take you to the Dubai Desert.
  • For a unique experience you should spend a night at the camp in desert. It will bring a new energy in you and all your tiredness will vanish away.
  • Add new flavors to your tongue with the local food and relish yourself with an entertainment show.

Some Useful Dubai Travel Tips

Check the calendar before planning your Dubai trip. During Islamic events like Eid, Ramzan you may find difficulty in travelling in this place and all the transport may get affected.

  • November and March are the best months to visit Desert Safari in Dubai.
  • Wear your Hat, sun glasses and remember to carry a sunscreen lotion with you.All these will protect you from the sun and you can enjoy your Dubai visit without taking the tension of sun tanning.
  • Carry your warm clothes with you as temperature in the evening time falls down. Wear comfortable clothes and prefer shoes. This will help you to move on the sand comfortably.
  • Listen to the instructions of the local guide and follow their commands properly.
  • Take all your medications before visiting to Dubai.

We hope that you will follow the above guidelines properly and you are going to enjoy your Dubai Desert Safari Trip.

Desert safari in Dubai

A Dubai trip is full of fun and adventure. The journey continues from the roller coaster, to visiting monuments, malls and its beautiful sight seeing catches the attention of not only the tourists but also its local residents. Plan your weekend to Dubai.

Closing Lines

Remember to capture the views from top as it will create memories and you will be able to rule in Social media with your latest images and videos of Dubai visit. Do visit this place to relax yourself and spend some quality time in Dubai as you can earn money afterwards but can’t travel to Dubai afterwards. For a wonderful experience you should visit this gorgeous land and its cultural programs will keep you emotionally connected to Safari Dubai.

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