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High End AirPods or Headsets at Special Price in Dubai

Apple Airpods for sale in Dubai

The AirPods are an awesome invention. It comes with new and bunch of advanced features like noise cancellation and water resistance. If you are looking for wireless ear buds then High End AirPods is the best choice especially for iPhone users.

Apple has invented high-end over-ear headphones which are comfortable to use and it comes with an excellent battery life. We can say that these Airpods are smart as they have

  • Auto Re-connect inbuilt feature
  • Its 10mm Drivers enable them with rich and clear sound.
  • It reduces the outer noise and cancels echo of the voice
  • It is available with Touch facility.
  • You will be rewarded with Voice Assist, Bluetooth, Google Assistant and Siri option.
  • It has an impressive Batter-life and the user can use it for 6 hours per charge.

These AirPods are not cheap but their outstanding feature creates its demand in the market.            

Alternatives to high end air pods are as follows-


Cambridge Audio Melomania

Bose QuietComfort Earbuds

Bose SoundSport free

alternative models

Borofone Airpods Pro

Borofone BE38 Airpod pro Original Series TWS Wireless In-Ear Headset with Wireless Charging Case and Silicone White Case

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