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Experience The Dubai Frame The Dubai Frame offers an engaging experience that blends history, architecture and breathtaking views into an unparalleled cultural tour. Here is an in-depth description of all you can find when visiting this iconic structure:

Architectural Wonder: The Dubai Frame is an iconic architectural structure created to resemble a giant picture frame, standing at an impressive height and constructed of glass, steel, and gold-colored stainless steel cladding clad with stainless steel sheets cladded with golden stainless steel strips cladding its sides – it serves to perfectly frame Dubai’s skyline!

History and Culture: Step inside Dubai Frame to gain insight into its past, present, and future. The ground-floor showcases Dubai’s rich past through immersive exhibits that take you on an interactive time travel journey through history and heritage exhibits and displays that take visitors back in time.

Sky Deck: At the center of Dubai Frame experience lies Sky Deck – located at its summit – featuring an exciting glass elevator ride to an observation deck at its summit with breathtaking panoramic views over both Old Dubai and Modern Dubai skylines from up above – providing perfect photo op opportunities as well as admiration of their beauty from above!

Glass Walkway: One of the most thrilling aspects of Dubai Frame is walking across its Sky Deck on an exhilarating glass walkway – walking on glass offers a thrilling glimpse below as one navigates on their adventure through Dubai Frame! For those in search of adventure, this experience provides just that much more excitement.

Interactive Exhibits: Scattered throughout the Dubai Frame are interactive exhibits which give an inside view into Dubai’s rise from fishing village to global metropolis, providing insight and engagement with history and development of this vibrant nation. These informative displays make learning about Dubai both engaging and informative!

Souvenir Shop: Before leaving Dubai Frame, don’t forget to stop by our souvenir shop to pick up mementoes and gifts to remember your experience at Dubai Frame.

Timings and Tickets: Due to its specific opening times, visitors should check when planning their visit to Dubai Frame. Tickets may be purchased either online or at the venue itself with various tour operators offering packages including transportation.

Dubai Frame offers an unforgettable multifaceted experience that blends history, culture, architecture, and breathtaking vistas into one. Anyone seeking to understand Dubai from its past to its present should not miss visiting this must-visit attraction on Sky Deck!

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