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Anant Raj Aashray II -Get Apartment in 18Lakhs (AED 80000) in India

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Welcome to Ashray II: Budget-friendly 2BHK Homes Near Tirupati International Airport 

Start your dream of home ownership with Aashray II, a prestigious 8-storey residential complex providing both economical and luxurious 2BHK units just minutes away from Tirupati International Airport. Fusing convenience and modern living, these apartments are the perfect pick for small families or working professionals yearning for a blend of cost-effectiveness and refined living. 

Prime Location 

The advantage of Aashray II lies in its strategic location, with swift accessibility to Tirupati International Airport, making it an ideal domicile for frequent flyers and employees striving for minimal travel time and a well-rounded life. Its proximity to major transportation networks ensures seamless citywide and intercity connectivity, promising ease and efficiency in daily commuting. 

Thoughtfully Constructed 2BHK Homes 

Every 2BHK unit in Aashray II is designed with meticulous attention to space optimization and modern aesthetics. The integrated living and dining areas enhance spaciousness, while the bedrooms offer a private sanctuary filled with abundant natural lighting and ventilation. The balconies serve as tranquil vistas – a flawless setting for your morning brew or a relaxing end to a bustling day. High-quality fixtures ensure that elegance complements endurance. 

Comfort-Centric Amenities 

Aashray II goes beyond just living quarters; it aspires to elevate the life quality with a repertoire of amenities to meet diverse needs: 

Verdant Gardens and Play Areas: The carefully planned green spaces and dedicated play areas promote an active outdoor lifestyle and family bonding. 

Social Gathering Spaces: A community hall fuels celebrations and community interaction without needing to step outside the complex. 

Security Measures: Your safety is assured with extensive security measures and dedicated personnel. 

Non-stop Utilities: Enjoy the comfort of uninterrupted power and water supply, ensuring convenience round the clock. 


Acknowledging the sense of a smart monetary investment, Aashray II’s 2BHK apartments are priced judiciously to provide high-end living without an excessive financial strain. Every apartment is engineered to amplify value – serving as a home that enhances living standards, and as an investment likely to appreciate due to the booming real estate sector near the airport. 

Environment-Friendly and Future-Prepared 

With a commitment to environmental stewardship, Aashray II incorporates eco-friendly measures such as rainwater harvesting and energy-saving practices, establishing itself as a home for the future that’s both green and sustainable. 

Investment Opportunities 

Considering the persistent growth in demand for residential properties near airports and business districts, Aashray II’s 2BHK apartments prove to be an enticing proposition for real estate investors or those aspiring to acquire appreciating assets in premier locations.

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