6 Ideas for Outdoor Workouts in Dubai

Outdoor enthusiasts will not be bored in Dubai. Due to the constant sunshine, Dubai has become one of the most popular tourist destinations worldwide. Still, sometimes it’s necessary to blow off some steam! Whether you’re an exercise fanatic trying to maintain your routine while overseas or a stressed parent in need of some alone time, you’ll want to know where to work out in Dubai. You can have confidence. Here, we provide some of the top outdoor workouts in Dubai. Those with limited time in Dubai may want to try something different every day.

Cycling at Al Qudra

The Al Qudra cycle track is a great place to get a good workout without spending any money. As you already know, cycling is great for staying fit. You can go full throttle here and still view wildlife in the Dubai desert. This 85-kilometer route crosses the desert sands and follows Al Qudra Road, so you can expect to encounter a variety of desert wildlife, including birds, camels, and even the occasional oryx. The route consists of a 50-kilometer loop plus an 18-kilometer segment along Al Qudra Road, and it is liberally sprinkled with rest breaks. Both are widely utilized by club cyclists and are accessible to riders of all skill levels. Get on your bike and ride down to Al Qudra if you want to get some exercise and see some of the most spectacular sights in all of Dubai.

Three people on their bikes on the road
Riding a bike is a low-impact, healthful form of exercise for people of all ages.

Workout at Sky Dive Dubai’s Drop Zone

The Drop Zone is one of the best places for outdoor workouts in Dubai. The outdoor gym in Dubai has been completely revamped into a one-of-a-kind workout paradise unlike any other. The fitness center has been upgraded with brand new apparatus, which is now dispersed throughout a more extensive area, in addition to brand new flooring, a brand new sprint track, and, most exciting of all, complete canopy coverage over the whole place! In addition, there is a brand new play space for the kids. Don’t fall for that fitness myth that says children shouldn’t work out.

Consider a climbing rope, some boxes, a sprint track, some monkey bars, and a large amount of grass as potential components of workout space. In addition, if you possess your piece of exercise equipment, such as a TRX, there are specialty bars that you may use as an anchor point. If you train throughout the night, the exterior illumination is turned on at around 6 p.m. and remains on for approximately two hours. The fitness center is completely free to use. About one hundred meters from Skydive Dubai, you’ll find the outdoor gym in Dubai Marina.

Kitesurf around various beaches

Kitesurfing is the most exciting kind of water recreation currently accessible. It’s propelled by the wind and is sure to make your heart race. Kiteboarding may be done on several of Dubai’s stunning beaches. There are a number of places in Dubai, like Kite Beach, where you can go to learn how to kitesurf if that’s something you’re interested in doing.

Dubai is a favorite spot for those who like the sport of kitesurfing because of the city’s consistently pleasant weather. Kitesurfing is possible in Dubai all year due to the constant sunshine and mild temperatures. This is especially convenient because a strong wind of 10 mph or more is required for this sport. The winter wind may reach speeds of 20 knots, making the months of December through March or April the best time to visit. Warm and gentle breezes blow during the summer, making the weather pleasant but not perfect for kitesurfers.

Person kitesurfing.
Kitesurf fitness allows you to work on your core muscles, lower back muscles, and calves.

Train at Warehouse Beach

Do you ever think about getting in a beach workout? Well, your wondering is over since you can do just that at JBR’s The Warehouse Beach. There is a 235-meter-long Muscle Beach just for you, making it an excellent place for outdoor workouts in Dubai. Dubai appears to be emulating Los Angeles’ famous Muscle Beach but with a more modern, less traditional aesthetic. The gym features a variety of exercise machines, including a cross-fit rig, spinning bikes, and free weights. You may do it on its own or in tandem with other forms of exercise like spin classes, CrossFit, or Commando bootcamps.

You can practice squats, pull-ups, rope climbs, and other functional training activities. The outdoor gym features full-size fitness equipment. However, if you’re a beginner, you should consider hiring a personal fitness trainer in Dubai. Knowing how to do the exercises correctly is essential, and you should have the right partner for this. Motorcycles, rowing machines, and cycling classes are also available. You may go swimming or chill out on the beach when your meeting is over. Gym membership is 60 AED per month, and additional classes cost extra.

Play sports at Al Barsha Pond Park

When it comes to facilities, this park is among the best in Dubai. Families with children who live in Al Barsha rental apartments frequently visit the 52-acre Al Barsha Pond Park. They provide free fitness classes and a quiet spot to work out by yourself, making it a popular destination for visitors visiting Dubai.

This beautiful green park has lots of space for kids to run around and burn off some steam. The outdoor gym and the jogging and cycling tracks are open to adults. You can incorporate fitness into your life by setting up a game of basketball, football, volleyball, or tennis with you and your friends.

Basketball hoop
Basketball is great for making new friends and teaching you how to be a team player.

Jog along the Palm Jumeirah promenade

The Boardwalk at Palm Jumeirah is a destination that no traveler should skip because of its breathtaking setting directly on the beach. The scenery makes it an excellent place for outdoor workouts in Dubai. The length of the boardwalk, which is an astounding 11 kilometers, is measured from One&Only The Palm in the west to Rixos The Palm in the east. Even though there aren’t any shaded places to halt, the sunsets along the Arabian Gulf are magnificent. The sound of the waves crashing against the shore will put you at ease while you run. If you feel that an out-and-back course of 11 kilometers is not long enough, you can add a sprint of four kilometers up and down the palm tree.

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