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Why Desert Safari in Dubai So Famous?

Dubai Desert Safari is famous for its unique desert experience. Visitors can discover the vast Arabian desert, and to witness the natural beauty of it. Many say that it’s an unforgettable adventure.

Another reason Desert Safari in Dubai is popular are:

Quad biking is thrilling within the Arabian desert
The rich and old Arabian cultural and artistic heritage
Unlimited BBQ buffet for dinner
A chance to observe uncommon animals
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Many believe that some say that the Dubai Desert Safari is worth the cost. It’s an activity that is popular with people of all ages which includes couples, families as well as solo travellers. The event also provides a glimpse into the rich culture of the region.

Many suggest that you do some look up a top-rated trip that covers all of things you’d like to experience. Morning safaris can last for four hours and night safaris take about 7 hours.

The most popular places to go to go on Dubai Desert Safari include: Dubai Desert Safari include:

  • Al Awir Desert
  • Liwa Desert
  • Al Lahbab Desert
  • Al Faya Desert
  • Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve
  • Jebel Maleihah
  • Bidayer

What is the length of time you require to go on to go on a desert adventure in Dubai?

Desert excursions in Dubai vary between 4 up to 18 hours. Morning safaris can last for four hours. Evening safaris can last for seven hours. Night safaris last about 18 hours.

The duration includes transport between your hotel and the place of accommodation in Dubai. Early morning safaris commence around noon. Evening safaris begin around 3:00 at night and will end by 9-10 pm.

The most ideal time to go to The Dubai Desert Safari is from the months of October and April.

What can I do to plan my desert adventure in Dubai?

In deciding on a desert adventure in Dubai it is possible to consider factors like:

  • The type of camp
  • Size of the group
  • Drive type
  • Dinner
  • Reputation
  • Price
  • Activities
  • Transportation

Many say that Platinum Heritage, Royal Adventure Dubai is a great service for desert tours, particularly for those with disabilities, elderly or the infirm.

These are desert safaris to Dubai:

Camel Safari: This is one of the oldest ways to travel the desert.

Red Dune Bashing Desert Safari It is an excellent alternative for dune bashing as well as Sandboarding.

Sandboarding. Morning excursions typically comprise Sandboarding.

Hummer Desert Safari: This tour usually includes dune bashing camel rides, as well as meals in the classic Bedouin camp.

A 4×4 Desert Safari: This tour includes round-trip transportation to and from the hotel.

Air Conditioned Safari Vehicles: The safari includes air-conditioned vehicles that are closed without additional cost.

What is included in Dubai desert safari?

Dubai desert safaris can include a variety of activities, including:
Dune bashing: A 30-minute 4×4 ride across the desert at varying speeds over massive dunes
Quad biking: An adventurous activity that doesn’t require any formal training or a special license
Sandboarding: Gliding down steep dunes on a board
Camel rides: A 45-minute ride through the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve
Falconry shows: Seeing falcons up close
Live tanoura dance show: A traditional dance where the lights of the camp are turned off and the Tanoura dancer’s attire lights up with LEDs
Other activities that may be included in a desert safari include:

  • Cultural shows
  • Barbecue options
  • Desert camping packages
  • Stargazing
  • Hot air balloon rides
  • Breakfast

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