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If you’re starting a unique site, there’s no reason to spend a bunch on web hosting. Cheap web hosting will suffice.  

But what is the line between too cheap and too expensive? There are plenty of appealing solutions available. It is critical to distinguish between excellent offers and scammers.

If you’re searching for the best deal on hosting, there are just a few dozen respectable companies to choose from. Whenever it relates to cheap web hosting services that genuinely provide decent service, the option gets even shorter.

Are you ready to launch your website for the least amount of money possible? Those were my top recommendations, along with a quick overview to help you weigh your alternatives.

Top 10 Cheap Web Hosting


Hostinger provides the cheapest domain and hosting prices, starting at $1.39 PM for the Single Sharing Hosting service.Hostinger is the cheapest web hosting per year. So, what’s the snag?

You must accept a 48-month commitment, which appears to be a bit lengthy. But please stay with me.

4 years of Shared Hosting will cost cheaper than 1 year of hosting with the majority of other competitors.

Other cheap web hosting options are still double or 4 times as costly. Furthermore, when it comes time to renew, the initial prices you receive from competitors may rise. After the honeymoon phase, you might be staring at $10 or more monthly.

Hostinger, on the contrary side, raises the price of shared web hosting from $1.39 to $2.99 a month on renewing. That is still a fantastic deal.

In different terms, the complete price of Hostinger is still cheaper than the initial price of other good inexpensive hosting solutions.


When your existing provider raises their prices or provides poor customer support, you should consider switching. Whatever the case, there is no incentive to subscribe for poor hosting.

Hostgator can assist you in migrating your previous website for free. This contains the cPanel, email accounts, folders, databases, and scripts, among other things. They also provide one free domain name handover, which helps you save money.

Simply fill out appropriate paperwork within 30 days after joining up. Hostgator will take care of the remaining.

The free transfer is included in any of Hostgator’s shared hosting services, notably Hatchling, which begins at $2.75 a month via a commitment.

Through Hostgator, users can invest at a cheap cost and enjoy excellent uptime for much cheaper than users were previously paying. Following the no-stress migration, you will receive greater technical service by phone and online support at any time.

A2 Hosting: Cheap Web Hosting for Small Business

When your shopping site reaches a specific size, the cheapest web hosting alternatives will no longer operate. However, if you’re starting with the online business, there is no finer low choice than A2 Hosting.

In addition, the A2 Starter package includes all you need to get started for just $2.99 a month. To receive the best pricing, you’ll need to agree, although you’ll be up and running in mins.

Alongside PayPal connection, the most basic A2 hosting package includes a one-click install for 5 of the most popular e-commerce systems, like WooCommerce, OpenCart, and Magneto. Usually, it isn’t much of a core IT effort to begin selling.

A2 Hosting provides a few of the greatest site performance and protection for the pricing, which is critical for small businesses.


There is most likely no easy technique to have your fresh site up and running than using Bluehost. And it didn’t cost you a lot, since the firm provides highly functional shared web hosting for as little as $2.95 per month.

If you’re planning to develop a WordPress blog, I strongly advise you to look into your alternatives at Bluehost. WordPress specifically recommends the firm as one of just three web hosting companies.

To begin with, Bluehost offers several of the most affordable hosting plans available. Even the cheapest modest options are chock-full of services and worth.

During the initial year, you receive free domain registration. Not merely do users avoid that fee, but acquiring the domain with Bluehost also shortens the time required to get online.


Not everybody agrees to enter a long-term hosting agreement, but it’s typically necessary to obtain the best deal. If you wish to agree, DreamHost provides similar reductions, however, if you do not seem to, DreamHost’s monthly cost is the cheapest available.

For a single site, Shared Hosting Starting costs $4.95 a month. An agreement is not required.

There are zero methods to have a minimal fee without making a contract. Rather than a large up-front investment, they may include a consistent monthly web hosting fee.

There is minimal comparison when looking at the pay period cost for the various packages on this list. A2 Hosting charges $10.99 every month, Hostgator charges $10.95 every month, namecheap hosting charges $1.58 each month, whereas Hostinger charges $9.99 plus a $4.99 installation cost.


SiteGround is an outstanding web hosting provider for newbies as well as small businesses. The cost is affordable, you have access to technical assistance at any moment, as well as the WordPress connection is flawless.

SiteGround offers real individuals handling customer support calls in over ten languages 24 hours a day, seven days a week, providing them a benefit against rival web hosting companies that count on chatbots to handle consumer inquiries and bypass the difficult task of recruiting workers to communicate with clients.

Folks pay $3.99 a month for a year, totaling $47.88 throughout the first year of web hosting.

InMotion Hosting

InMotion Hosting provides both low-cost shared hosting options and low-cost dedicated WordPress hosting. However, because shared rates are the lowest choice, we’ll concentrate on them in this piece.

InMotion Hosting appears to be a little bit costly than many rivals, however, this is primarily due to the perks you earn. Using onboarding features, just one-click installation for WordPress, as well as a connection for Google Apps, the configuration is simple for all sorts of consumers.

The interface is quite simple to operate, however, the primary reason I choose InMotion Hosting is due to the additional features such as an SSL, hack prevention, & backups. Furthermore, InMotion provides a good website designer for swiftly creating your website.


If you’ve a WordPress website and want to turn it into a powerful web retailer, you should use WooCommerce. Although the add-on is free, users will still require web hosting and management of your new eCommerce website.

GreenGeeks, on the other hand, can do everything throughout one fell stroke.

The main disadvantage of the costing scheme is that it requires a three-year commitment.

This might be too big of an agreement for those who are only attempting GreenGeeks on for sizing or are concerned about enormous, quick expansion at that period. However, unlike several rival suppliers, GreenGeeks’ fees do not spike for smaller durations.

iPage Go Hosting

For less than $2 (USD) a month, you can build an infinite number of websites with iPage Go. Almost every plan on the list necessitates the buying of an enhanced plan to manage more than a single website.

I enjoy iPage Go since there is only a single option. You might not have to concern yourself with changing your package until you require more comprehensive than shared hosting because there are no graded prices.

In another sense, you may create as many web pages as you like without worrying about actually paying extra to accomplish more.

During the initial year, you receive a domain registration as well as a free SSL. In addition, you will receive free mail with chatbots. You may use the given mail to administer your site profiles, or you can utilize Microsoft Outlook as well as various third-party programs.


You shouldn’t need to spend big bucks to see your website running, but if you’re not cautious, web hosting might eventually cost considerably more than you imagine.

The first stage is to determine a reliable operator, but you won’t have to bother regarding that if you adhere to this guide of the top cheap web hosting. These are quite well brands with such a great history of providing solid services.

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