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Beautiful Rope Dance Performance in Dubai 2020

Rope Dance originated in India, where it remains popular as a dance art form. However, over the years, this remarkable art has gained popularity across the globe and continues to spread its charm in the hearts of people from all walks of life. It has become increasingly popular in Dubai and at major expositions around the world, like the one being held in Dubai in 2020.

The History of Rope Dancing
According to a legend, rope dancing is believed to have originated with Chinese herders sometime around 300 B.C.E., as a way of moving their animals through steep mountain passes and across raging rivers. It soon became popular among other cultures, including Tibetans, Koreans, and Mongols. By 1000 C.E., rope dancers were frequent performers at royal courts throughout Asia and Europe.

Rope Dancer Performances around the World
In dance, a performer on a tightrope is called a ropedancer. However, rope dancer also refers to performance art where one or more dancers perform on ropes; there are many varieties including aerial rope and pole dance. These acts involve acrobatic feats such as somersaults and handstands. In circus, rope dancing is often presented as part of an overall variety show act or a stand-alone act that may include juggling and tumbling.

The Beauty Behind this Art
Dancing with ropes is not only an eye-catching performance, but a work of art as well. The choreography required to master rope dancing is complex and impressive—and it’s even more stunning when you see how graceful it can be.

How Do They Tie Themselves Up?
A rope dancer from Dubai answered all of our questions about what it’s like to live with a 40-foot silken noose around your waist. The professional—who actually works as a fire eater, sword swallower, and contortionist on top of his or her ropemanship—even let us try it out!

Difficulties of Performing This Art
As exciting as it is to see a young performer set themselves up for success by learning how to do a rope dance, it’s important to realize that there are difficult aspects of performing a vertical or horizontal rope routine. For example, you must be able to understand how much force your body exerts on one hand versus another (for instance, if you’re using both hands) because vertical poses are entirely different from horizontal poses.

Other Interesting Facts about this Art

  • The art of rope-dancing is thousands of years old and originated in India. – It’s said that originally rope dancers had to perform on tightropes but then, one of them discovered it was far easier to dance on ropes that were hanging from a tree than to dance while holding onto one. And so they started hanging their ropes from trees and practicing as they moved along.

How to Learn It?
The art of rope dancing may seem difficult to learn, but that is not true at all. To achieve optimum levels of skill, one must follow a series of exercises on a regular basis. Beginners will start with simple basic movements, then progress to more complex ones over time. Daily practice is important for learning to dance on ropes because these skills can’t be acquired overnight. One must put their mind and body into it.

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