How to Become a Personal Trainer in Dubai

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Living in Dubai is a dream come true for many. White sandy beaches and crystal blue sea are a sight that never gets boring. The fantastic architecture of this city makes you think that you have time-traveled to the future. On the other hand, the mystic and mesmerizing tradition of this fabulous Arab country is felt on every corner. If all this sounds great and you want to become a fitness professional there, here is some helpful advice on how to become a personal trainer in Dubai.

Get a certificate

Let’s put ourselves in the shoes of the people seeking personal trainers. What do they want to achieve? How will they trust that the workout plan you have created will help them reach their fitness goals? Well, in any profession, one of the ways to make a client trust you is by showing them your credentials. If you want to become a trainer or an instructor of any sort, the good idea is to get a certificate. There are plenty of ways to get a personal trainer certificate, from applying to some online fitness instructor courses to enlisting in a program at some sports academies. Not only will your clients and potential business partners trust you more, but you might as well learn new things that will benefit your career as a personal instructor in Dubai. Even if you already have a certificate, learning new skills in your area of expertise can’t hurt.

Create several workout plans

Let’s say your ambition is to work as a one-on-one fitness instructor in a five-star hotel in Dubai. You want the people hiring you to be convinced you will make a great addition to their staff, so it is best to give them a sample of your future doings. It would help to create several workout plans based on the most popular reasons why people would hire a personal trainer in the first place. Many will want you to help them lose weight, which is an excellent place to start. You could also make workout plans for women and men, maybe even for different fitness levels. Later, you could adjust them slightly to meet individual client-specific needs and particulars. This will not only impress the managers deciding whether to hire you or not, but it will also make your job easier.

Instead of crafting each plan from scratch, with several pre-made templates, you will have an excellent basis you can modify and save considerable time. When you start working in Dubai, this will allow you more free time to enjoy your new living environment. There are many life-changing benefits of living abroad, especially when you move to a place like this. Dubai can offer so much, so make sure you explore it, get to know it well, meet people, and enjoy yourself. Moving here is a real investment in the future.

Work on nutrition

As we all know, nutrition plays a big part in any quest for a better body or higher fitness level. As a one-on-one fitness instructor in Dubai, you will likely encounter people who want only the best for themselves. What more would anyone want from a fitness instructor than to guide them through a physical transformation while also teaching them about nutrition. So it would be very beneficial for your career if you devoted some time and energy to learning about diet. Again, focus on the reasons clients would hire you. Health should be your utmost imperative throughout any interaction with your clients, so make sure you consult the certified nutritionists. Unless you actually become a nutritionist, you can’t devise some nutrition plans for your potential clients, but you can think of the tips you can offer based on the most popular reasons people come to the gym. Imagine a profile of several most common cases and cooperate with a nutritionist to write meal plans for them. This may be a more expensive option, but if it is within your budget, it definitely will not be a waste of your money.

You need a good CV to become a personal trainer in Dubai

Finally, applying for any job requires you to write a good CV detailing your professional achievements, education, and personality. Think about all you will be doing in a business environment you are trying to transfer to. Being a personal trainer in Dubai and anywhere else requires you to work closely with people. You must display your best communication skills and be a pleasant human being to be around. List all of those positive interpersonal skills you have in your CV, so the managers hiring you can know you will be a joy to work with. Don’t forget to include the new skills you learned and add all the certificates you acquired.

Write a cover letter indicating your vision as a personal trainer

When addressing your potential bosses, it is a good idea to write your vision of being a personal instructor in Dubai. Tell them how you would approach your clients and how long it would typically take for a person to achieve a long-desired physical makeover. You may even talk about what it is that you find so enchanting in incorporating physical exercises in one’s life. How does the confidence gained by liking your appearance affect your life? Or how being able to perform more without getting tired changes a person’s approach to everyday activities? You must have your reasons for appreciating being fit – that is why you want to assist people in getting in shape. Use that to inspire your future bosses, so they feel excited and honored to have you in their personnel.


A vast number of people who have ever visited Dubai will understand why one would want to relocate there. This city is so phenomenal it almost seems magical. If you wish to become a personal trainer in Dubai, consider the abovementioned advice as it can help you succeed. And good luck, this modern paradise is waiting!

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