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Boost flexibility and agility by Kick Boxing

Kick Boxing is a combat and contact sport developed historically from boxing and karate. It can be considered as a hybrid martial art which includes core workouts and training. Kickboxing has its hand in both the pies, when it comes to beating anxiety and total comprehensive self-defense. Like swimming, Kickboxing is a full body workout.

Power Kick – kickboxing Dubai JLT

Power, flexibility and agility 

Kickboxing shows significant improvement in upper-body muscle power, aerobic power, body fitness, flexibility, speed and agility. It also improves coordination and flexibility, balance and helps in building faster reflexes. Kickboxing being a full contact sport is a perfect art to learn to protect oneself. Kick boxers have well-sophisticated muscle mass and low percentage of body fat. It also improves coordination, focus, speed and concentration.

Fighting for Fitness

Kick boxing is a group learning sport. As kick boxing offers a powerful workout which improves over all fitness of the body. It is a physical fitness sport which targets the entire body muscles, engages every muscle group in your body and has a significant improvement in physical and motor abilities. Kick boxing activity is very useful for enhancing physical fitness and in building stamina. It also improves balance and mobility for individuals. It helps in more calories burnout resulting in muscles you properly maintained, the more improvement will be noticed in overall body composition and in overall physical fitness, strengthening the entire body.

As a Cardiovascular workout

Kickboxing is also an effective cardio workout system and strength training mechanism. It is also a high intense training workout which effectively reduces belly fat. Belly fat or abdominal fat has strong links to with diseases like type 2 diabetes and heart diseases. Cardio Kickboxing is a choreographed workout with movements of kicks, punches, and knee strikes. It challenges your technique, durability, and above all, concentration. It burns calories and improves heart health. Kickboxing is an excellent cardio respiratory workout that is fun and effective. Cardio kickboxing will shed off weight quicker than numerous other exercises because it’s a very rigid and concentrated workout

Relieves stress

Kickboxing not only knock your muscles into high gear, but also squashes out the stress and anxiety. Group Kickboxing lessons looks like just kicking and punching at the air but it relieves the stress and anger out of you. Kickboxing group classes are fun and effective, it also helps in building healthy relationships, socializing as your peers in group classes have similar or same goals, motives and interests in joining the classes. It also builds your self-confidence, mental toughness and focus. Kickboxing is an excellent option for building the strength and balance. Kickboxing is also a way to positively let out your frustration and annoyance.

Self defense

Not all workouts plans can boast this. Kickboxing is a very effective way for self-defense, it will give an additional advantage and a good chance to defend. It also teaches proper techniques to use punches and kicks for striking and knowledge to read your attacker and spontaneous responses.

It’s all kicks and punches for Love…!!

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