KUGOO S1 Plus Folding Electric Scooter


If you are looking for a budget scooter to suit your limited budget, then the Kugoo S1 plus model is the right scooter for you. A sleek and beautiful design guarantees which guarantee the rider of power, speed and comfort in a go. What’s more, the folding feature and a 12 kg weight makes the Kugoo S1 model an advanced and suitable scooter for you.


1. Tire 8′

This model comes with some 8 inch solid and anti-skid tires which have a strong grip and are wear resistant. The tires are suitable for different types of roads.

2. Speed up to 30 km/h

The rider can control and change the speed of the scooter using a simple button. Kugoo S1 plus is equipped with the 3 speed modes which makes the riding of the scooter more comfortable. The top speed of this model is 30 kilometers per hour. The strong braking system assures the rider of a safe braking distance of 5 meters’ tops. Just like most Kugoo electric scooters, this model comes with 3-speed modes which can be adjusted in accordance to the driving terrain.

3. Motor and battery

Be sure of a steady motor performance since this model comes with a 350W motor. The motor has strong power and can run to a maximum of 30 kilometers per hour.

S1 Plus is fitted with a 36V/7.5Ah lithium battery which can cover between 25 kilometers to 30 kilometers in a single charge.

4. Flexibility

The S1 Plus scooter is designed for flexibility and easier portability. The scooter weighs 12.5 kilograms only and has a small and foldable frame. The device also comes with three adjustable heights which are; 940 mm, 1160 mm and 210 mm. These heights are fit for different scooter users. This is all designed for the purpose of comfort. Additionally, S1 plus has a headlight and a taillight which will light the way for the rider while protecting others on the road from accidents.

The Kugoo S1 Plus foldable electric scooter will ensure that you get the best out of less.


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